Good Web Design was made by Charlie and Yitong to curate and tag well-designed landing pages. Our aim is to help designers, marketers, and product builders of all stripes learn from best practices.

All website designs belong to their respective creators. You can email us to submit a site or request one be taken down.

Submitting a site

Hey! We're glad you want to submit a site. Here are a few things we look for when adding new content to GWD. These are more guidelines than rules, and we encourage you to just hit submit if you're unsure.

  1. Can it be seperated into section relatively easily? We'll still do sites with some animations, but it's definitelt a bit harder.
  2. Does it demonstrate a high level of visual polish? Type, color, layout, etc.
  3. Does it try something original? We're willing to compromise on the former two for a site that tries something different. We have a ton of Stripe look-alikes already!